Leave No Trace Behind

Work with a top demolition company in the Covington, Florence & Burlington, KY area

Hoping to break ground on a recently purchased plot of land? Before you can begin construction, you'll have to clear away any thick trees and brush standing in your way. Elevation Outdoor Services is a local demolition company with extensive experience providing land clearing services in the Burlington, Covington, Florence & Union, KY area. We'll prep your site so that you can start construction on a blank slate.

Using powerful equipment, we can make quick work of trees, stumps and brush. Then, we'll prep the land for your house pad or commercial foundation.

Call 859-750-0161 today to get a price estimate from your local demolition company.

Common reasons to schedule land clearing services

While professional land clearing services are most often used at the start of a new construction project, there are several other common reasons we get hired for the job. Land clearing is useful for:

  • Creating new trails on forested land
  • Clearing overgrown pathways or walkways
  • Reshaping property for landscaping projects
  • Removing trees and brush for a new pool or patio

If you own forested land, we can manage overgrown areas and provide a fresh layer of mulch for new growth. Reach out today to learn more about our land clearing services.

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